ECI Furniture
Gettysburg Bar
Item # 1475-05-T/B 72” x 28” x 42” Bar
Item # 1475-05-SBS 30” Spectator Barstool”


Heavily distressed chestnut oak finish, large comfortable swivel stools with rolled top rail, black foot rest, laminate bar tending working
surface, bottle opener, drawers, doors and adjustable shelves.
Also Available:

Item# 1475-05-EH Entertainment Hutch 78” x 17” x 41”

Item# 1475-05-EBB Entertainment Back Bar Base 78” x 22” x 42”


Back Bar that can be used as entertainment center. Large opening for mini fridge, doors with adjustable shelves,
wine rack, lights, glass shelves and open area in hutch that will hold most 42” TV’s
Item #