Pub Top
Pub Stool
Godard Bar
Item # 4800-00-BT/B Complete Bar 60” x 28” x 42” Ht. “Olive Party II”
Item # 4800-00-BS1 Stool “Passed Out Olive”
Item # 4800-00-BS2 “No Life Guard on Duty”
Item # 4800-00-PT/PB Pub Table 30” x 30” x 42”  “Three Amigos”
Item # 4800-00-WB Wall Bar 58” x 6” x 35” “Bar Fly”


Fine Art Work by Michael Godard incorporated into ECI’s Bar Program.  Features some of  Michael’s more famous art work that will
put a smile on anyone’s face.

Matching Swivel Stools in a soft comfortable black leather

Also Available a Sharp Hanging Wall Bar with Bottle Display and Stemware Holder

In a Flat Black Finish
ECI Furniture