ECI Furniture
Miller High Life
Item #0774-89-KDT/KDB Bar 65” x 28” x 42”
Item # 0774-89-SS Saddle Stool 20” x 16” x 30”
Item #0774-89-WB Wall Bar 53” x 7” x 36.5”


Enjoy a Miller High Life beer in a licensed Miller
bar. Heavily distressed wood captures the old Pub
feel. Bar includes laminate bartending working
surface, large stainless steel sink, 2 condiment
trays and an adjustable shelf. Matching
comfortable Bonded Leather saddle stool and wall
bar with stemware holder and LED lighting.

Also Available:
Item # 0774-89-BLBS
16” x 16” x30”
Round swivel backless stool
Back View Bar
Item # 0774-89-BLBS
Round swivel backless stool
16” x 16” x30”
Top View Swivel Stool
Saddle Stool