*This Veneer table top has been treated with a specialized protective UV top-coating which greatly enhances its beauty and greatly
reduces the wear of normal household use. This table top coating is four times harder than standard tabletop finish allowing for greater
resistance to scratching, soft impacts, acidic liquids such as vinegar and citrus liquids, hot and cold liquids, and household solvents.
Manhattan Dining

Item # 5442-00-T   42” x 60” x 78” Butterfly self-storing leaf

Shown with:
Item # 5442-00-S   Side Chair
Item # 5442-00-BH  48”  Bench


*Protective *UV finished top with Chocolate storage base and apron with comfortable Chairs and bench in a soft brown vinyl.

*UV finishes will protect against most household chemicals including soap solution, Tomato sauce, Mustard, Coffee, Acetone and
many more.
ECI Furniture