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Our Fall 2018
North Carolina
ECI is a furniture importer and distributor that services many top 100 retail furniture companies.  
Specializing in the bar & game room, dining and entertainment categories, ECI strives towards
complete customer satisfaction thru its innovative designs and its drive for future product
development.  ECI is committed to having innovative product at competitive prices accompanied
by reliable service and support for our customers.

Our corporate office and warehouse facility is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Our
warehouse is over 100,000 square feet and stocked with some of today’s best selling product
which is shipped in ECI’s own trucks.

ECI has sourcing and quality control facilities working for us in Vietnam, Malysia, and  Southern
and Northern China. We are presently working closely with 10 separate factories and a design
staff to create some exciting fresh new looks.  Our chair build facility takes extra time and care in
assembling chairs and stools that are built to last.

ECI offers a direct container program accompanied by support out of our domestic warehouse
which is presently utilized by our larger retailers.  

ECI’s commitment for excellence in the industry continues to drive us towards improvement in
all phases of the operation with our customer’s
complete satisfaction in mind.  From design to fulfillment, ECI continues to strive to be
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